It is a proven fact that outdoor views and access to fresh air and plants improve the well-being of employees. Instead of allocating spend towards humidifiers and air purifiers, we should think a little more back in time… In the past natural air purifiers were our plants and the greenery which surrounded us daily… in fact, this old method reduced the spread of viruses and illnesses in a closed space. Therefore, the natural approach should really be reintroduced for the benefit and wellbeing of all workforces.

The following points might help you with ideas of how to bring more natural aspects to your office:

Bring in plants: plants in a workplace is a great way to naturally filter your indoors, reduces stress, and provide more concentrated Oxygen. Oxygen levels and brain function go together. When your brain has enough oxygen, your body functions better, and you will feel increased cognitive function.

Natural lighting: another important factor is to have sufficient natural light in your office spaces. At Infinity Properties all our office spaces are created in such a way that the window space surrounding all our office units is built to maximise the amount of natural sunlight. Our atrium also has sky lighting where the shed is transparent and allows sufficient natural lighting to enter.

Meetings outside: Conducting your meetings outdoors are a substantial way to motivate a creative flow of ideas. Having natural elements surround you can promote productivity. In environments where there is a sense of ease and serenity, you are less likely to make decisions out of haste.

Install a green roof: If your building has the capacity, installing a green roof can create more efficiency.  Green roofs contribute to lowering operating costs in three ways:

  • Functioning as an extra thick layer of insulation, which then lowers the building’s heating and cooling requirements.
  • Absorbing stormwater and minimizing runoff
  • Mitigating the urban heat island effect.

Going greener has many health benefits for the human population and the earth. Every company should be working towards reducing its carbon footprint and towards providing real health to its workforce. Infinity Properties offer customizable office spaces which allow occupants the freedom to create their own unique space, visit our website to view some of our available spaces