1. Sufficient floor space

Within the list of priorities, floor space options sit at number one. Only compensating for the current size, might not be the smartest move. Bearing in mind that most companies have a goal of expansion, it is important to factor in the additional headcount that is warranted for the expansion. Planners often plan for 50-100% compared to current size.  Another important weighing factor for your decisions would be to consider your current setup and layout for your workstations. Attention to office layouts can further aid in helping decide how much of floor space you really need.

2. Limited space options
SME’s are rapidly penetrating the market and a shortage of great business space is leaving our new business owners with limited options. Location for most businesses is key, and at Infinity Properties we have tailored our offerings to suit our tenants, we have different sized office spaces available for your company to rent, and accommodating small, medium and large groups are what we do best.

3. Rental budget
As a company that is new in the market, high rental costs are an unsuitable factor especially when you are trying to create a sustainable revenue to move forward with. However, many new business owners do not know that rent remains one of the biggest running cost components besides manpower costs. Infinity Properties has created the perfect leasing model for all SME’s we are offering significant savings on rentals. With our property group you only pay your full rental fees during your 5th month of occupancy – T&Cs apply.

4. Type of workspace
There are plenty of workspaces to choose from depending on the target market you hope to attract as a business. Workspaces such as high-tech business parks, retail office spaces, Co-working space or serviced office space are all the latest offerings on the market. However, the selection of the right type of workspace is critical to an organisation, not only pertaining to the rental budget, but also factoring in the right culture and image of the organisation. At Infinity Properties we firmly believe in offering customizable offices to allow companies to highlight their company culture and to create all the finer details and personalized experiences for our clients.

5. Location
Understanding where your market is and how lucrative a specific location will be for you to make your business grow is a crucial aspect to sustaining the long-term growth of your company. Another important aspect of office spaces must be the access to amenities. For emergencies and for daily errands, your office should be located nearest to essential amenities. At Infinity Properties, we are on a busy intersection which has a high amount of traffic passing by the minute. For this reason our location only makes sense for so many retailers and SME’s.

At Infinity Properties our great promotion on rental savings and our complete freedom to customize your office space has probably made your office consideration process easier. Visit our website and view our rentable offices https://infinityproperties.co.za/properties-2/ rent with us today and reap the benefits of only paying your full rental in the 5th month of your occupancy. T&Cs apply.