Speaking of tenants… XCELSIOR Financial Services is one of our proud office space occupants who has been running their head office in our building for more than year. We are excited to host this reputable brand – one known for its secure and trustworthy loan services. A brand that has been in South Africa for over a decade long, XCELSIOR occupies an entire half of our 2nd floor in the Marumati building. During the past decade XCELSIOR has gained a credible reputation and has 6 branches in total, 4 of these branches are across the Gauteng province, one is in Mpumalanga and one of the branches are in the Western Cape province.

XCELSIOR offers unique short-term loans, whereby, your asset is the security for the loan. This means your income, employment status, and credit history have no effect on your ability to access one of their quick short-term loans. Your vehicle is the collateral. Therefore, it must be registered in your name or your business name. It must be paid off and not encumbered by any types of loans. All they require are the following documents:
• South African driver’s licence.
• Identity document/passport.
• Vehicle registration papers, showing you as the owner. If the vehicle is still under finance, you cannot borrow against it. If it is registered in a company/cc name, then apart from the documents mentioned, you need the company registration documents, identity documents of the directors (close corporation members if relevant), and the original vehicle registration papers showing that the vehicle is registered in the business name.

If you need a secured NCR approved loan of R5000 to R250 000, fill in their online form and let one of their consultants contact you, otherwise you can get in touch with them and book an appointment at a branch nearest to you https://www.xcelsiorloans.co.za/contact-us/.

Infinity Properties extends their appreciation for great tenants like XCELSIOR, and we wish you all the business success and everything of the best for the coming years. If you would like to enquire about our available spaces to let, please visit our website at https://infinityproperties.co.za/properties-2/ … Rent today and you could qualify to pay your full rental from only your 5th month of occupancy. Tc’s and C’s apply. To find out more contact us today on 012 004 0941