Tips on office rentals.

Much like shopping for a home or an apartment, looking for an office can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. If having a dedicated office space is highly essential for your team, you need to make...
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Bringing nature to our office

It is a proven fact that outdoor views and access to fresh air and plants improve the well-being of employees. Instead of allocating spend towards humidifiers and air purifiers, we should think a little more...
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Office rental checklist

Whether it is your first-time renting an office space, or a new rental option, it is advisable to get your budget prepared. Thereafter you should consider other important factors that will determine your rental options....
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Creative office ideas for start-ups

Remote working is being widely promoted and multiple companies have benefitted from this in several ways. However face-to-face interaction is still highly valuable and equally important. An office environment has been proven to encourage good...
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